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Electronics Suppliers

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In Electronics Suppliers there are distributers and then there are wholesalers and also retailers or resellers - the later directly sell products to consumers such as end users like computers. In the UK, Viking Direct if the Office Supplier firm supplying businesses with office supplies also ink or toner cartridges. Ink cartridges can be recycled these days for example in the supermarket Tesco in some cases. Electronic waste is on the up and up - recycling of electronics is important to minimum e-waste or electronic waste. There is absolutely nowt kerb side collection for electronic waste - computers maybe discarded in skips and home users also business customers even Regional Councils may not have gone through the time-consuming also lengthy process to securely wipe a hard drive. Scottish charity Computers and Integration did once investigate providing secure wiping as a service, but the service offering never materialised because actually businesses seemed reluctant to give away computers for the purposes of secure wiping.

Computer products may go to landfill instead - data maybe securely erased in some cases but perhaps not in all cases due to the lengthy period of time involved - five hours as standard in the case of a Reset this PC using Windows 10 ten when reinstalling a Microsoft Windows 10 operating system. Secure wiping can also provide job opportunities. Volunteers supporting charities is always worthwhile - social enterprises are also a worthy cause a community good organisation. Social enterprises generally sell products for purchase by members of the public.

Web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox can enable exporting of bookmarks but the nature of automated software is that web links can be scrambled somewhere along the lines, but by being selective useful information can be represented and this may actually be more useful for users in the long-term. Human time can be put to good use, but at the same time it is also valuable, possible also to be efficient with computers when useful educational material is shared that helps others.

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Want to share a list of web links, bookmark web pages first this is most efficient, convenient method then make up a web page in Notepad for example using the <a href=" "> command syntax element in HTML mark-up closed off with </a> also proceed to copy and paste web links from a browser address bar - tabbed browsing can help immensely to make users more efficient. Copy is control plus letter-C and paste is control plus letter-V options also available from a mouse right click menu Long press on an iPad or iPhone mobile device. Long press with your finger for Copy and Paste options from a mobile device like an iPhone also an iPad.

Electronic Sellers aimed at Consumers

Usually those that sell computers have a support section where end users can download device drivers get updates to make hardware keep working the physical devices also user manuals may also be provider to help end users.

Electronic Makers and Suppliers - Parts and Components also Distributors

  1. Benchmark Connector - connectors for aerospace
  2. Hardware products like capacitators, antennas, batteries and CCTV -
  3. Power cords, cables and fans from Projections Unlimited
  4. Circuit breakers, sensors and LEDs and more from Advantage Electric Supply
  5. Frequency control, interconnect, electromechanical, antennas from Suntsu - was a Chinese military general, strategist, philosopher, and writer who lived during the Eastern Zhou period. Sun Tzu is traditionally credited as the author of The Art of War, an influential work of military strategy that has affected both Western and East Asian philosophy and military thinking
  6. Connectors, Cable wire assembly, custom kniting and packing also cordset solution from Electronic Connector Co
  7. Professional Video Conferencing also biometrics and smart card readers
  8. Wires, Cables, Motors, Drives and Enclosures from Powertech Controls
  9. Aerospace and Electronic Components from NASCO
  10. connectors, contacts, connector accessories, relays, switches, cable assemblies, terminal and terminal blocks, tools, heat sinks and film capacitors from March Electronics
  11. Supreme Components - Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence also LEDs
  12. All Tech Electronics - Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB) distributor serving the defense and aerospace community
  13. Air Electro - ground blocks, terminal and junction modules
  14. Flip Electronics - data driven experts who strategically acquire, stock and support EOL, Excess, Aged, and Discontinued Products
  15. Divers Electronics - batteries, power supplies, circuit protection, cooling devices, enclosures, resistors, switches, timing devices and radiofrequency antennas also transformers
  16. Brevan Electronics - ground planes, sockets and stacks
  17. Marsh Electronics - inventory management, supply chain logistics and Component Application Development
  18. Area 51 Electronics for electronic components and end of life parts - electronic waste really symbolises end of life but there is the possibility of refurb also refurbished computers and longer life through donations, gifting to charity also recycling. Amazon sells refurbished computers online at
  19. IBS Electronics Component Division - semi-conductors, AC DC converters, LCD panels, circuit breakers, fans also fibre cable, inductors, resisters, transformes and batteries
  20. SMD now part of TTI - capabilities to meet your automotive power, data, and display connector needs
  21. TTI - Specialist in Electronic Component Distribution - Interconnect, Passive, Electromechanical, and Discrete Components
  22. Hughes-Peters - enclosures, semiconductors, solenoids, batteries, capacitors, fans, fuses, sensors, counters and timers, power supplies and switches also motors and filters
  23. - inventory and supply chain management from Classic
  24. - industrial controls and components from Steven Engineering
  25. - semiconductors, mechanical parts also electrical installation materials, plumbing equipment, control equipment also PC software
  26. - electronic components for aerospace and defense
  27. - circuit breakers, fuses, batteries, fans, motor protectors, switches, indicators also status indicators the flashing or blinking lights to give alerts also warnings
  28. - power and microwave technologies
  29. - Velocity Electronics - Global electronic component distributor and trusted supply chain partner
  30. - component supplier cable and assemblies
  31. - supports the needs of the electronic component supply chain
  32. - special components for wireless technologies including RF radiofrequency and Microwave Component Distribution Focused on Technical and Supply Chain Solutions, website is built around technical vocabulary focused on antennas such as voltranic power for the inverter industry - note that an Omnidirectional antenna emits signals in all directions the best kind of antenna but there is a Yagi antenna. A Yagi antenna is used for communications in a medium range of three to five miles between two points. It can also be used as a bridge antenna to connect clients to an access point. Microwave is a form of high frequency radio signal (operating at thousands of MHz) in which the signal is not broadcast but is transmitted in a straight line through the air.
  33. - Integrated System Capabilities, inventory management and sourcing
  34. - specialist at high reliability, harsh environment connector design, manufacturing and supply chain. Powell has 70,000 square feet of connector manufacturing capabilities in our Swedesboro, NJ facility, which is certified to ISO9001 and AS9100
  35. - fasteners, locks, washers, nuts, electronic connectors, enclosures, racks and cabinets also wires and cables
  36. - Custom Engineered Connector and Cable Interconnect Solutions
  37. - supply chain electronics
  38. - batteries, capacitators, circuit protection, enclosures, magnetics, motors, materials, semi-conductors, sensors, transducers also switches, opto electronics and thermal management - and list of more electronic makers on this website considered top manufacturers like Honeywell, Phoenix Contact, Laird, SL Power, Molex, Omrom, OTTO, TRACO Power, MEAN WELL, Samtec, TE Connectivity, Artesyn, ebm-papst, Cosel, Sensata, C and K
  39. - authorised distributor for 300 plus suppliers for varying specific electrical components including motion control and fluid power, clocks and timing and optoelectronics also sensors and transducers also electronic switches, more items also listed under Products section on the website
  40. - end-to-end supply chain solutions for the world’s largest OEMs, ODMs, EMS Providers, Military and Aerospace suppliers, Authorized Distributors and Global Service Facilities
  41. - electronic supply chain components and issues
  42. - wireless, lighting, electromechanical and semi-conductors
  43. - high-service distributor of technology products, services and solutions for electronic system design, maintenance and repair