Computers and Integration SCIO, Inverurie

History of Computers and Integration

Charity Patron Sir Malcolm Bruce with a disabled or deaf child

Sir Malcolm Bruce has been patron of Computers and Integration, MP for Gordon from 1983-2015 now Baron Bruce of Bennachie and knighted in the 2012 Queen's Birthday Honours and around the same time the Manager of Computers and Integration, Sandra Turnbull, attended a garden party on 3 July 2012 or twenty twelve at the Palace of Holyrood House in Edinburgh. Malcolm Bruce was knighted for public and political service. Sir Malcolm Bruce has three children and one is deaf or hard of hearing.

Malcolm Gray Bruce, Baron Bruce of Bennachie rose to prominence in January 2014 as the Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats when Nick Clegg was Deputy Prime Minister under Conservative UK Prime Minister David Cameron. There was a coalition government between the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats that lasted from 2010 to 2015 heralded by David Cameron for one full parliamentary term - the first coalition since the wartime coalition during the second world war. The coalition came to an end when the Conservatives led by David Cameron all but wiped out the Liberal Democrats at the 2015 general election. David Cameron as UK Prime Minister stood down after he made the case to the public for Britain to remain in the EU or European Union for a vote on EU membership in June 2016. The public vote went against the incumbant Prime Minister, namely David Cameron with most of the public wishing to leave the EU, although most Scots did want to remain a part of the European Union. The vote to leave the EU came after the 2014 Scottish independence referedum where voters opted for Scotland to remain part of the United Kingdom.

Malcolm Bruce first entered the UK Parliament when the Liberal party existed.

Letter of thanks from Prince Charles the Prince of Wales son of Queen Elizabeth II or the second and heir apparent to the British throne around the time

Computers and Integration description as published on Senscot tells what the charity did in the past prior to 2008

The aim of Computers and Integration is to provide access to computers and software training to all able and disabled people in our Community.

We also aim to encourage a wider awareness of how computers and software applications are more and more found in so many areas of our everyday life.

By providing both an informal environment and training procedures, it is our intention to foster this awareness through a process of social interaction and non pressurised teaching methods.

For some of our members, the above approach to teaching computer use, leads to an increased level of confidence and self esteem. Some of our members have become volunteers within the Organisation. Others have gone in to supported employment and full time employment.

Currently we have twelve computers at our Inverurie premises and ten in Huntly. A wide range of software is also available at both premises, along with people who can give support in the use and application of the software.

Our teaching approach is generally informal, with each member working at their own pace. However, we are now an Accredited Teaching and Testing Centre for the European Computer Driving Licence. Our staff tutor, provides formal tuition and support, to enable our members to achieve this universally recognised qualification.

The following list outlines some of the Services we provide. ECDL tuition / self study support and Module testing, via our ECDL tutor, and support staff and volunteers.

Evaluation of an individuals special needs in terms of adaptive aids or software packages, relating to computer use. This evaluation may be in the form of personal advice in the first instance, or in more complex cases, by passing the evaluation to another agency such as Ability Net.

An Outreach facility where possible, by placing a computer system, with a client where that client finds it impossible for whatever reason, to attend our premises.

General advice on the use and suitability of software packages for individual client needs.

We hold a variety of Commercial Hardware and Software catalogues, allowing us to research what resources are currently available for client requirements.

Where possible, we provide one to one support for computer and software use.

There are both facilities and the expertise to provide specialised on day short courses on a variety of topics, such as Microsoft Office applications. e.g. Basic Web Site Design - Powerpoint Presentations - Database Management and Design.

We can also broker short courses covering various areas such as - First Aid - Confidentiality - Safe Lifting and Handling - Health and Safety Risk Assessment - etc.

Game-based learning that focused on education available on CD and DVD ROM common theme at Computers and Integration during February or Feb 2010

This page from the Computers and Integration website focuses on what happened at the charity prior to 2008 from information published online by Senscot and still online in May 2022 emphasising how the charity has focused on computer training as its core focus - when you publish and share with others, it is possible to retrieve information years later.

Computers and Integration always focused on education - this is obvious from all the educational games - 138 in total - which clients used to embrace and engage with to develop their skills.

Gaming can be very educational - just look at the collection Out and About to teach awareness of local environments, touch typing programs, jigsaw puzzles to teach maths to support future software developers, I Love Spelling multiple copies to really create wizards on the keyboard, train writers, authors and budding journalists, DK Writing and Counting this is maths again - counting teaches logic and numeracy for shopping and budgeting, British Isles Explorer to really teach young people and learning basic skills to navigate and orientate their way around towns and cities - those with Downs Syndrome can face challenges in this regard.

CreateaCard Gold encouraged creativity and appreciation of others - saying thanks can show fondness and lead on to feelings of happiness and joy for the recipient of the card. Driving Test Software also - driving often a necessary life skill, leads to greater independence and helps young people land jobs - many jobs on MyJobScotland the Council vacancy website in Scotland demand applicants have a driving licence.

Family Tree software to encourage the development of relationships - connect more vulnerable persons with their wider family - find long lost relatives also to enrich lives with new meaningful relationships. Microsoft Autoroute Express was great mapping software useful for giving directions to help people get from A to B go to unknown streets venture out into the unknown. Monopoly games teach how to manage money in a playful environment - play money teaches important concepts around paying rent and also collecting rent also paying taxes. This really prepares young people for employment.

Historical developments of charity Computers and Integration

August 1984 — Community Education, Gordan Rural Action And Social Work Department set up a Steering Group to develop a small computer project
June 1995 — Committeee elected and Project Co-ordinator appointed
September 1996 — Moved to premises at Thainstone Mart in Inverurie
April 1997 — National Lottery Funding of £79,000 awarded over 3 years
April 1998 — Computers and Integration becomes a Company limited by guarantee
May 1998 — Lloyds TSB awards Computers and Integration, £14,000 to set up Huntly Project
September 1998 — Project Worker appointed for Huntly Project
December 1998 — Computers and Integration move to new modern premises in Inverurie
March 1999 — Administrator appointed for Inverurie
September 1999 — Huntly Project opened in new premises
February 2002 — Scottish Enterprise (Grampian) awards £19,000 to Computers and Integration for ECDL Project
February 2002 — Aberdeenshire Council awards £20,000 for administration support worker over 3 years
March 2002 — EDCL Tutor appointed
April 2002 — New Administration Assistant appointed
May 2002 — EDCL Accreditation granted by British Computer Society
December 2008 — Computers and Integration had 19 computers in operation running Windows XP
March 2010 — Computers and Integration had 15 computers in operation running Windows XP and 4 running Windows 7
June 2012 — Computers and Integration had 19 computers in operation running the Windows 7 Operating System
December 2015 — Computers and Integration had 19 computers in operation running the Windows 10 Operating System