Computers and Integration SCIO, Inverurie

Computers and Integration SCIO is a Scottish charity based at 4 St James's Place, Inverurie (just behind William Lippe architects) and provides a professional friendly computer repair service and also a service for locals to get help with their computer, phone or tablet on a one to one basis.
We are open from 9 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday with computer repairs and help delivered in pre-booked timeslots. Call 01467 623600 to book a slot.
Services on offer include:
PC, Laptop Repairs and Upgrades — £45.
Audio cassette to CD or USB — £35
Conversion of VHS video tapes to DVD or USB — £40

Windows 10 Setup with core applications and use of Personal Hotspot and mobile data - The advice on this page is available from the News page and the educational advice seeks to help others, but of course, struggling users can always rely on charity Computers and Integration based in Inverurie for help with their computer, mobile or tablet.

Help with computers and mobile devices from Scottish charity Computers and Integration with revamped website and fresh content also.

No spyware or nasty software - just great advice with your computer and mobile devices from Inverurie charity based in Inverurie Computers and Integration on the News page.

Website available via search engines such as Google - links in emails can lead to scams and phishing causing lack of trust.

Emails and social networks best for informative content and news. Sign up to Guardian news emails for free via the news website to receive multiple headlines or stories in one e-mail every day to help you get an at a glance guide quickly about what is going on.

Right-click on the Computers and Integration web pages and click View Source or View Page source to see clean HTML web page code well-spaced apart, nothing nasty lurking on this charitable website denoted also by the domain name computersandintegration dot org dot uk or Computers and Integration dot org dot uk with no spaces.

On the Links page, over fifty or 50 Links to websites you likely use already - quick and convenient access to many personal services from one page.

Computers and Integration is a great educational website and the organisation is a Scottish charity.

Study Skills Advice for students, help with life skills, help to make information accessible and information security web links also.

The News page can help a young person establish themselves with a free online web presence - get them started creating websites.

Aberdeen City Council have a do it online culture - big signs bearing this message bringing it to the fore at Marischal College City headquarters of the Council.

Computers and Integration always focused on education - this is obvious from all the educational games - 138 in total - which clients used to embrace and engage with to develop their skills.

Gaming can be very educational - just look at the collection Out and About to teach awareness of local environments, touch typing programs, jigsaw puzzles to teach maths to support future software developers, I Love Spelling multiple copies to really create wizards on the keyboard, train writers, authors and budding journalists, DK Writing and Counting this is maths again - counting teaches logic and numeracy for shopping and budgeting, British Isles Explorer to really teach young people and learning basic skills to navigate and orientate their way around towns and cities - those with Downs Syndrome can face challenges in this regard. More details on the History page.

CreateaCard Gold encouraged creativity and appreciation of others - saying thanks can show fondness and lead on to feelings of happiness and joy for the recipient of the card. Driving Test Software also - driving often a necessary life skill, leads to greater independence and helps young people land jobs - many jobs on MyJobScotland the Council vacancy website in Scotland demand applicants have a driving licence. Family Tree software to encourage the development of relationships - connect more vulnerable persons with their wider family - find long lost relatives also to enrich lives with new meaningful relationships. Microsoft Autoroute Express was great mapping software useful for giving directions to help people get from A to B go to unknown streets venture out into the unknown. Monopoly games teach how to manage money in a playful environment - play money teaches important concepts around paying rent and also collecting rent also paying taxes. This really prepares young people for employment.

Help to set an iPhone to save as JPEG instead of HEIC, which requires special software on Windows 10 computers to view them unless you share images on Facebook, upload to Microsoft OneDrive or Dropbox cloud online storage solutions for documents, photos and videos.

Help to use mobile data and 3G, 4G also to back-up photos and videos on the move with an iPhone to Dropbox for example.

Help also to turn on automatic Camera Uploads on an Android smartphone. Help also to back-up Pages documents created on an iPhone or iPad in iCloud creating copies in Dropbox and OneDrive online storage.

Pages app on iPhone has built in Presenter mode to magnify content, make it large, for playback, improved readability and clarity when viewing documents created natively with Pages on an iPad or iPhone - with iCloud Pages documents created with an iPhone sync across to an iPad.

Help to use digital banking from RBS or the Royal Bank of Scotland and help with viewing income and credit deposited in your bank account for calculating your real income useful for tax purposes and tax reporting. Possible to check just income also known as credit in your bank account from the last year.

Also, instructions that show clearly in simple terms how to create a bootable flash drive for installing, setting up and also reinstalling Windows 10 or version ten useful also for Windows 11 or version eleven. Windows 11 set up files bigger than standard DVD so help to create a bootable flash drive for set up of the latest operating system from Microsoft is provided.

Android apps working on Windows 11 will likely create a real need to reimaginine your Windows computer due to compatibility conflicts and rogue apps - the need to format computers, laptops, over and over. Data back-ups never been more important - data can record events, provide a tract into history so data back-ups of the utmost importance and some lives can be really long.

Evidence vital to bringing offenders to justice in an increasingly dangerous world.

Mobile operator EE or Everything Everywhere gives you 250MB data for 5 pounds a month with 500 texts and 250 minutes included at the time of writing 10 or ten April 2022. This is quite reasonably priced if you want to have access to a phone to make and receive calls, send and receive texts and access the web via mobile data no matter where you are without an expensive rolling contract to tie your down.

At just five pound a month, this tariff from Everything Everywhere provides a great deal and good value for money for both students and those on disability benefits alike. You can give your bank details to the EE website online so that five pound a month gets deducted automatically from your bank account ensuring you stay connected - digital connectivity on the move from anywhere you can get a mobile data signal and access to the web from places where there is 3G, 4G and now 5G in the modern era 2022.

Of course, with EE you have freedom to cancel and change your small priced tariff anytime.

From the Windows 10 or ten start menu, under Accessories, you will find the Snipping Tool which may in Windows 11 be called Snip and Sketch (also having all the latest and greatest updates installed on Windows 10 Snip and Sketch may be present on Windows 10 - it may however just still be the Snipping Tool). In any case, when you have found the icon for the Snipping Tool, you can right click on it, Select More, Select Pin to Start and Pin to Taskbar putting the icon in line of sight on the taskbar for your convenience and ease of cropping and sharing images. Snips or crops of photos and screens created with the Snipping Tool are often small in size ideal for embedding in web pages and in e-mails also sharing online in a nutshell.

The Links page or most notably provides great links to other websites, also over 50 or fifty links to great, often well known, websites that offer a personal service where users have a username and password to gain access helping to keep personal information secure and giving a great user experience. User experiences along with education are often greatly enhanced by personalisation - personalised pedagogy is the future for learning in a digital computer connected world that is also a very mobile concentrated connected world. The future of the web is personal with users having access to more of their own data than ever before. Data can really provide great evidence of what has gone before, provide a tract into history, a digital record or footprint, document what has happened as well as help more vulnerable persons and those with disabilities be understood, stay safe and receive justice. Computers and Integration have long had a core focus on helping more vulnerable persons with disabilities. Seeking to help more vulnerable persons often leads on to improvements for others and broad based sweeping improvements. Websites linked to on the Links page include productivity sites to create and store own bespoke personal data, video sharing sites, big name and brand retailers and shopping sites that are often popular, social sharing, business networking and connection sites, also music streaming or playback sites and free news including access to Zinio magazine subscription site that provides access to magazines in digital format. In essence all your favourite sites are available on one page to make it easier for you to access them - you just need to remember one website and that is the charity of Computers and Integration in Inverurie, a really good website with technical online documentation and abundant support to learn computing, get started, make progress - education is about making progress, real progress.

Intellectual Property and Computer Software Definitions and Examples - see More information available on the web page also with web links to important and significant links on Intellectual Property.

What is Intellectual Property?

In a democratic society, Intellectual Property is part of everyday life — it is all around us. Intellectual Property, otherwise known as IP, is merely human creativity and inventions, or innovations. In other words, when someone creates, or invents, something then they have the rights to that creation, or invention, for a certain period of time.

Intellectual Property Examples

Computer Software

Computers are commonplace these days, and can be found in homes, schools, colleges, businesses and even the government use them. Computers need to have computer software installed onto them to render them usable. Basically, computer software is merely a set of instructions, which control the hardware components of a computer and do many other useful tasks as well, for example, creating a letter.

Many software programs exist in the world today. In fact, the computer software industry is a modern competitive dynamically changing environment with many different programs performing very useful tasks, which increase productivity and provide enjoyment to users. Therefore, there is money to be made in the computer software industry, and as computer programmers are making money, so are the pirates (those are people who make, sell and distribute illegal copies of computer software).

As a result of Intellectual Property, creators and inventors have their work protected against individuals stealing, using or benefiting from it without prior permission. Thus, creators and inventors will continue to be inspired, and rewarded, and will work to develop further creations and inventions. Therefore, enhancing the quality of life for everyone as these creations and inventions make tasks in life easier and somewhat more enjoyable.

Intellectual Property is separated into four distinct categories: copyright, patent, designs and trademarks.

Keyboard shortcuts can be time-saving and Control-Alt-Delete can close an application causing issues on your Windows 10 computer -

Keyboard shortcuts can be time-saving - most useful shortcut or keyboard combination is copy and paste also known as Control and letter-c as well as Control and letter-v. Copy and pasting text can make professionals more efficient, but the act of copy and paste does really go against originality, creativity and leads to allegations of plagiarism at University and also copyright in the business world. The Copyright, Design and Patents Act 1988 is significant legislation overseeing and governing copyright of ideas in the United Kingdom. Numerous useful keyboard shortcuts mentioned on this web page to help keep people efficient and productive.

RBS viewing income and credit deposited in your bank account for calculating your real income useful for tax purposes and tax reporting -

RBS or the Royal Bank of Scotland viewing income and credit deposited in your bank account for calculating your real income useful for tax purposes and tax reporting.

Log-in to Digital Banking and Online Banking, then Select Statements, View Transactions, look under Search Transactions and click Show search.

Last year during May 2021, RBS produced a report saying how to view income or credit having been deposited in an account. Users have been able to Search between two dates specifying two specific dates and type of transaction and view income or credit deposited for the last year - it was certainly possible to view income in an account over the previous 12 month period during May 2021. This is still absolutely possible for a prolonged period such as 12 months, when users or you click the not so noticeable link titled Or search between two dates under the Time period box. The link actually changes to search by a set time period with drop-down menus with dates visible when you choose to search between two dates. Users in May 2022 can search by dates going back to 2015 or twenty fifteen. The RBS digital interface is very dynamic with often discrete web user interface changes to frustrate the average user who may not be as digitally competent as the web programmer or computer software engineer who created the user interface with well-meaning intensions. No web activity after a certain period of time via RBS digital banking web user interface results in the need to log-in again if you refresh the web page - F5 or ef-five on a computer keyboard is the key shortcut to refresh a web page. It can be useful to know about keyboard shortcuts since they can make tasks more efficient by the way of your computer or laptop.

Under search transactions, choose your time period such as Last week, Last 2 weeks, Last 1 month, Last 2 months, Last 3 months or Last four months. These are the options available at the time of writing 1st or first May 2022 or twenty twenty two the year of Scotland's Census - alternatively specify two dates.

From the transaction type box, select Credit transactions and click View Transactions to view a report or short statement of income or credit deposited into your account.

Great useful websites and online services including retailers that offer a personal service

Both Aberdeen City Council and Aberdeenshire Council enable users to personalise their user experience with a digital online account. Also, now you can pay tax on your income to HMRC as well as check how much income tax you are due to pay, check your national insurance record as well update your Universal credit journal online by way of the web. Aberdeenshire has the digital library where you can borrow ebooks, download music and MP3s also.

Personal accounts can help you buy products from Argos, Amazon, Tesco and Asda for example as well as from electrical retailer Currys, bike specialist Halfords and health food store Holland and Barrett. Phones and networking equipment can be purchased from the BT shop also.

You can play or stream music by way of the web from Spotify, Deezer, Napster and also YouTube Music. enables music playlists to be transferred between platforms with ease.

You can write and publish your own ebooks with Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing and Smashwords. The latter enables publishing to Apple Books making ebooks available to iPhone and iPad users.

Outlook with Office Online and OneDrive as well as Google Docs are the main productivity apps available on the web from Microsoft and Google respectively. Google Docs often very efficient on low end computer hardware. OneDrive, Google Drive, BT Cloud and Dropbox are great online storage platforms for documents, photos and videos. Google Drive supports upload of multiple files and folders to aid organisation from computer — also Google Drive is the organisation part of your Google account that lets you sort, order and categorise documents, spreadsheets, presentations and forms — Google Drive supports upload of PDFs and also Google Docs supports export to PDF file format. JPEG image files and photos can be uploaded to Google Drive also and sorted in folders for easier reference as well as organisation.

Vimeo, Rumble and YouTube great video sharing websites.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram enable social sharing — Facebook enables connections with friends and family, supports relationships, Twitter is good for timely real time news from various people and organisations. Instagram for sharing images often and for establishing real online personalities. LinkedIn helps professionals to network and gain contacts — often used by people in work, with jobs to advance their career prospects.

Zinio gives access to online magazines and the Guardian news website provides free news.

Unfair cookie law on 25 or twenty fifth April 2022 - see — Facebook encourages social news, moves users forward but computers can better enable analysis of past content posted online and give others fond memories — also cookies on websites help minority web users that rely on assistive tecnologies to use websites foster digital inclusion, but EU laws put barriers in the way and force users to choose whether to accept or reject cookies.

Modern smartphones such as the Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy range and also the iPad and other tablet computers really encourage users to move forward, given them news, social news about what their friends and family are doing.

That said, adverts can be shown too for commercial firms and companies — adverts can often be very well targeted. You could be fooled for thinking it is artificial intelligence, but marketing firms often track behaviour - cookies on websites and EU regulations dictate that users need to give their consent to cookies. The need for notification as well as acceptance about the use of cookies makes the web harder to use for minority users, those with disabilities and assistive technologies used to access websites for those users with physical health complaints as well as disabilities.

Creating cookies is no easy task also - it requires sophisticated computer web programming with JavaScript by those with technical know how with a background in computing and software development and use of cookies can enable the setting of user preferences for user chosen colours of web pages and font sizes to stay the same across a given website. This is accessibility in raw terms - users being able to set the font size, colour and font type on websites is good for accessibility and access provision in the digital world - it broadens use of the web for minority groups, broadens social inclusion also.

Marketing is really driven by the need for firms and businesses to make money create jobs and wealth also, distribute wealth more evenly when business rates are set accordingly - cookies can deliver more targeted, relevant adverts and restricting use of cookies makes the web harder to use.

The EU or European Union anti-cookie law or the need for notification where use of cookies is in place is really a great barrier to digital social inclusion, the update and uptake of digital services - also having to accept or choose to accept - click Accept or Decline to accept or not accept cookies, unequivocally reject cookies, online to use a website can be a big barrier to using the web for minority at risk groups.

Online shopping can really help those confined to wheelchairs - the least mobile, the least able to get out and about, appreciate the natural world increasing anger, resentment and frustration. This really brings to the fore the cruel and callous nature of staff working at Aberdeen Royal Cornhill Hospital since Bracken Ward closed in 2017 or twenty seventeen over inability to retain staff for those with learning disabilities. The lack of understanding and appreciation of those who are meant to care in caring roles of those with additional barriers really comes to the fore and is borne out especially when you analyse decisions taken at a hospital managerial level as well as decisions taken by the political elite and those with often wealth and power in the European Parliament.

With Facebook on mobile and tablet forcing users to move forward with a focus on events - users are encouraged to indicate their mood at a present moment in time, to Like, to Dislike and express anger and disgust at times. A quick expression clicking a button does not provide much feedback to the creator of content and anger expressions can be upsetting for the content creator when the content was created with well-meaning intentions, with good intentions, considering ethics and morals. Everyone has a point of view - quick expressions and short comments can really defy explanation and cause upset as well as grief.

More communication and talking at length can really explain actions, reasons, lead to informed topical debates and it goes without saying when digital inclusion is considered more voices, diverse voices, can take part in debates shaping better policy at a national level which caters for real people in the daily lives and also a wide range of people. The world is very diverse with a great mix of people and world migration driven in part by conflict can cause people to become refugees and get split up from their families.

Politicians are often said to be distant from the views of their constituents, but those in power have to often filter through a lot of emails and online communication with claims and counter claims against the backdrop of doing a job, in the case of government ministers, to make wellmeaning improvements, form new laws, redraft laws with new provisions to ensure equality, justice, fair play, fair dealing and social inclusion prevails, comes to the fore and is most prevalent.

Computers, laptops and desktop computers, in actual fact better enable productivity and Facebook user experience and the website is best viewed from a computer - users can comment more, engage in discussions and also go back easier, review past content posted and save good images of friends, family and their children. When positive images of people are saved by friends and family, retained and backed-up, such images can be sent back to people or shared years later giving people fond memories.

Children watching their parents wedding can really be a good experience - in the past children were often born after marriage, but sometimes and more frequently in the modern era children are coming or being born before a couple are married and are able to be present, witness, take part and enjoy the wedding. Promiscuous sex, contraception really stems from this - people playing the field to find a partner they like. Abortion comes at the expense of an unborn infant - another issue comes to the fore and that is choosing to abort babies based on gene selection. Dolly the sheep was the first cloned sheep and animal of its kind and cloning of animals first happened in Scotland.

Watching Mov or Movie files produced with an iPhone or iPad for free on Windows 10 or version ten without having to purchase special software called codecs with the K-Lite Codec Pack - see

Shoot a video on an iPad or iPhone in Mov format, upload to online storage and then try and view the video on a Windows 10 or version ten computer might seem a useful computing task that is necessary to evoke clarity of visual information - in short see more detail with due regard to an event that has happened in the past or is happening live in the case of live real-time streaming over the web and Internet.

Bigger monitors linked or connected to computers do enable analysis of video visual content very well enabling greater detail of information produced in video format - also rewatching video enables greater attention to detail, heightens observation skills - people really need to be on high alert to take in what is happening at all times around them. Video format enables the capture of both video and audio (visual and voice information) - when people speak their fears or apprenhensions on video, use of video makes a very compelling case for individuals to get greater fairness, justice in cases where crimes have been committed. That said, equally video messages do enable very well for individuals to express their hopes and aspirations, and also in real-time connect using video to friends and family sometimes on the opposite side of the world and seek help, support, reassurance and encouragement.

Encouragement that pursuring projects that might seem pointless or fruitless at times, does have merit after all. The academic world, study at University, has long encouraged proof reading and published scientific work is often subject to peer review - checks for greater accuracy to ensure only the best, most truthful, information gets shared and imparted, getting disseminated as wisdom. Accurate knowledge with verification leads to wisdom - video files saved, shared and kept long term and checked for accuracy also through peer review with multiple users leads to verification of events that happened in the past. Debate and controversies have surrounded the Holocaust in the past - most people say it happened, but some people deny unequivocally it in actual fact happened at all. Denying the Holocaust can lead to jail, prison or imprisonment in some countries - verification of events that happened in the past is central and is the cornerstone and hallmark of a fair criminal justice system - honesty, truth and integrity is often at the heart of justice and fair justice. Public perception of what really happened is also important to fairness - the truth almost always comes out, comes to the surface and is bourne out, when individuals persist and data or information sources from third party respected organisations can verify tales and stories. Information can really add value - this is the value of story-telling and stories based on facts. Information can provide greater context to data - help events and why they happened to be understood, prevent events happening again or being repeated. Let's just be clear - the Holocaust if true was the systematic, state-sponsored persecution and murder of six million European Jews by the Nazi German regime. Wars and conflicts are never pleasant - it goes without saying many people lost their lives or perished - killed in other words to put it bluntly - during the second world war on all sides in multiple countries throughout the world.

The fact is the K-Lite Codec pack can help you watch videos produced on iPads, iPhones and it is free to download, install and use with the ability to open, view and watch multiple video files even ones that use historically proprietary (or paid for royalty) codecs where the inventor makes money on Windows 10 or version ten, the version of Windows released in 2015 or twenty fifteen. 2021 or twenty twenty one saw the release of Windows 11 or version eleven with the ability for Android apps to run on Windows - Windows 11 or version eleven is really the convergance of Windows and Android in order to enable greater utility or application using computers and boost productivity. The convergence of voice and data happened a long time ago with the emergency of Voice of Over IP or Internet Protocol using Internet phones - such phone telecommunication technology was around in 2002 or two thousand and two or two decades ago just to be clear. Only in 2021 or twenty twenty one were all phone operators required to allow 999 or emergency calls in the UK or United Kingdom by way of the web over their networks. This change in the law was overseen by Communications regulator Ofcom providing oversight and the law change was announced on the website of legal or law firm Pinsent Masons.

The K-Lite Codec Pack for Windows 10 or version ten can be downloaded from

Save time by installing multiple great apps on your Windows 10 or version ten computer using website Microsoft Windows any version can malfunction requiring to be reinstalled on laptops and desktop computers. Reloading Windows 10 or version ten can be efficient when you have the operating system files on a USB flash drive and your data backed-up to external hard drives and also cloud or online storage.

A great website is Ninite since you can choose to install multiple applications, or programs, for your computer at once. Once you select the programs you want to install and thus use on your computer using Ninite's web based user interface, the applications thus download and install on your computer. The website and all applications featured on it work with Windows 10 or version ten, the most widely used operating system in the world at the time of writing April 2022 or twenty twenty two.

Applications featured on Ninite worth installing are discussed in this article together with reasons why you might want to install them and also why they are useful - see - How to really crop images in detail and cut photo file size with Windows Snipping Tool — Windows Start menu can prove invaluable as can creating shortcuts

A Start menu can really prove invaluable. Having icons on the Start menu can also help you locate key programs and apps you use a lot and be efficient and productive in your day job. From the Snipping Tool window, select New, drag an area of the screen you want to capture in great detail, crop, save and share. Once the area you want to crop and share is highlighted, click File and Save As. You can choose to save images you have cropped as JPEG, GIF and PNG. GIF was an old proprietary format where the original inventor gets paid a royalty - save as PNG it is modern for simple graphics, JPEG for photos even if you are cropping an existing photo you have found online to repost with a message, meaning and significance.

Windows 11 sports a new appearance that is obvious for anyone to see - changes necessitate learning, education, ongoing learning and investment in learning as well as technology education. 2025 is the date when Windows 10 will be retired, but actually or in actual fact, the best time to buy a new computer running Windows 11 is likely 2023 because that provides time for Microsoft to iron out bugs for a new operating system - also prices for computers often come down to an affordable good value for money price point with a good specification - you need lots of RAM and memory for gaming but not that much to create web pages in HTML.

Also the Snipping or Snip and Sketch tool can really reduce image files in size for efficiently putting in emails, embedding in web pages and creating web pages with images at an optimum file size for sharing and also small file sizes enable better working on low performance computers such as recycled laptops to really benefit a young person.

Snipping Tool often under Window Accessories on the Start menu in Windows 10 - I have added several articles if you can call them articles to the News page, in any case the articles are really helpful tips and tricks - - How to take screenshots, crop images or photos with Windows Snipping Tool or Snip and Sketch

Those who seek to learn or study multimedia often use large screen monitors, Adobe Photoshop which is highend software and expensive, or costs a lot of money and is expensive, when really all you need is the free and inexpensive or With you can resize images, change the pixel ratio. When changing pixel aspect ratio for a photo and for web pages often using automatic adjustments is best changing the width to 800 pixels works best most of the time, smaller images can evoke clarity when combined with text and a narrative for greater meaning. However the Snipping Tool in Windows 10 - also known as Snip and Sketch which is new name for the great easy screenshot capture tool. You can really use it efficiently to crop images to highlight specific details for use in web pages or for journalistic purposes with a message attahed. An image is often worth a 1000 words but attaching a message and provide background context can really add meaning and significance to photos, aid interpretation by others.

People talk about misinformation, but actually and in actual fact misinterpretation is quite common - the failure for others to understand intentions and actions of someone is quite common. Additional and unnecessary frustrations stem from this. Those with Autism for example are said to perceive the world differently from others, but that may be because such people are misunderstood due to the lack of such people or the willingness to talk, message and communicate.

From the Windows 10 or ten start menu, under Accessories, you will find the Snipping Tool which may in Windows 11 be called Snip and Sketch (also having all the latest and greatest updates installed on Windows 10 Snip and Sketch may be present on Windows 10 - it may however just still be the Snipping Tool). In any case, when you have found the icon for the Snipping Tool, you can right click on it, Select More, Select Pin to Start and Pin to Taskbar putting the icon in line of sight on the taskbar for your convenience and ease of cropping and sharing images. Icons can sometimes disappear from the Windows Taskbar - Windows 10 automatically refreshing stems from this also from the Windows 10 Desktop (slow computers can really cause problems with Window desktop refreshes - buying a new computer can be wise).

Choosing the best aspect ratio or photo appearance to really make your photos stand out and improve the quality of the message when you shoot video — zoom in or magnify content and out on your smartphone

When you enable your smartphone's camera, often you will see the numbers 1:1, 3:4, 9:16 and the word Full at the top of your camera screen — often only one number or the word Full will be displayed at any given time. Tapping on a number or the word Full enables you to change the width of photos taken with your smartphone improving photographic output and display as well as quality. The best aspect ratio for Android tends to be 1:1, which often gives the widest possible display for photos and usually makes the end result or photo square in appearance. Certainly, the widest aspect ratio does certainly enable more detail to be captured when you take photos.

Turn an iPhone SE 2020 — a great butget phone for students — horizontal and photos as well as videos get taken or shot without any black borders.

Slo-mo on the iPhone slows down video capture — this video capture mode improves image stabilisation, bringing greater stabilisation to video captured. This would likely be useful in situations where you want to preserve detail and provide greater clarity to what is happening.

On most smartphones nowadays there is limited ability to zoom in, make objects in the distance appear closer. Zooming and using digital and optical zoom is often tricky (optical zoom is better than digital zoom). When in camera mode on an iPhone, place your thumb and finger further apart and move it closer together so that a yellow bar appears on your camera screen near the bottom. A circle appears with a plus and minus symbol at each end — you need to move the circle along in a horizontal manner to zoom in and out on objects and see more detail further away from you — move the circle towards the plus to zoom in, and also towards the minus to zoom out. When you are happy with the level of magnification, you are free to push the often red record button to start shooting video or take a shot, take photo capturing a particular moment in time.

Zooming on the iPhone is trickier than on Android smartphones — requirement or need to be more precise on the iPhone. However to zoom on an Android phone, the intial process is the same — you place your finger and thumb apart on the screen and move them closer together to spawn a set of white lines at the bottom of the screen — these are points for magnification. What you do is run your finger across the lines to find a set point of magnification you are happy with. Zooming often works with both photos and video — it is often easier to set the level of magnification before you take a photo or shoot a video, but it is significant to note you can change the magnification level — zoom in and zoom out while you are shooting video. Doing it is quite tricky but possible when you are not in motion and end results are good when you have a stable hand. More information available on

Adding descriptions to photos on Facebook can add meaning, explain location and adding punctuation to descriptions &dmash; full stops in essence — prevent annoying auto suggestions which can change descriptions.

It can be annoying when Facebook seeks to suggest auto tags when you are typing descriptions to photos. Often the tags are not appropriate and taking the time to write, create descriptions can really add value to photo information, inform others.

If you do not add full stops to your description, if you are not really careful, your description can change when you press the button to save your changes.

Often pressing Enter at the end of your post completes it — typing a full stop and then pressing Enter is always best and increases the chance that what you have intended as the description for the photo you shared is what gets shown to others.

Sharing photos and videos is trendy and visual information better informs others, but there is very much a place for descriptions to provide contextual information — a description of a photo's geographical location can orientate someone else. For example, photos of fallen trees when shared could inform a tree surgeon who runs a commercial business to clear up the debris — also Council workers could be directed to the site of a fallen tree to clear debris.

In a nutshell, you do not really know who views photos and videos you share — descriptions can really help and taking time and effort to write could really benefit others. There are many unsung heroes who do great things every day to help others — online communication can really add tremendous value even if you do not get any recognition.

RBS mobile banking approving a transaction for online transactions is done on first screen from log-in and it can be easy to miss when you make a payment. For example, it is easy to tap through to the My transactions screen and the list of all your recent financial transactions making it hard to spot where you select to approve or decline a transaction made online.

The RBS mobile banking app on the iPhone provides for touch ID biometric authentication — access via your fingerprint — for Android you will need to enter a six digit passcode in most cases. A 6 digit passcode is the alternative on Apple phones when Touch ID fails for some reason. Touch ID and fingerprint identification can easily fail if you use the wrong finger from when you set up Touch ID, or do not place your finger correctly in a manner consistent with when you set up Touch ID biometric finger identification and authentication on the iPhone. Authentication is a fancy term, but in layman terms, it is a means to approve that you are who you say you are in order to grant access — secure online access — to your personal details by the way of electronic or digital systems. Microsoft's Surface tablet uses face recognition to log-in to tablet computers if you chose to set it up. When you select Approve a transaction, you are presented with the Select approval request screen. Thus select or tap the approval if you recognise it and you recently completed or attempted an online transaction. The date and time is shown for transactions as is the total cost or price. Online transactions are marked with the words online transaction. After you have tapped on the transaction requiring approval, at the bottom of your mobile banking screen, you have two options — Approve or Decline. Tap on approve only if you recently made an online transaction that requires approval — if you did not make an online transaction and do not recognise a transaction you have been asked to approve, click Decline. More information available on

Mobile operator EE or Everything Everywhere give you good value rolling calls, texts and data — 250MB data for 5 pounds a month with 500 texts and 250 minutes at present 10 or ten April 2022 - Mobile operator EE or Everything Everywhere, which took over the Orange network (Orange took over Freeserve Internet Service Provider from the dawn of the new millennium), give you 250MB data for 5 pounds a month with 500 texts and 250 minutes included at the time of writing 10 or ten April 2022. This is quite reasonably priced if you want to have access to a phone to make and receive calls, send and receive texts and access the web via mobile data no matter where you are without an expensive rolling contract to tie your down. At just five pound a month, this tariff from Everything Everywhere provides a great deal and good value for money for both students and those on disability benefits alike. You can give your bank details to the EE website online so that five pound a month gets deducted automatically from your bank account ensuring you stay connected — digital connectivity on the move from anywhere you can get a mobile data signal and access to the web from places where there is 3G, 4G and now 5G in the modern era 2022. Of course, with EE you have freedom to cancel and change your small priced tariff anytime. This information is available on

Rumble video — Scandinavian Nordic walking stemmed from basic security to keep people safe - see Benefit of compact video cameras is you can hold them in one hand and use a Nordic walking pole in the other, trudge through snow and shoot video. The Sony Handycam HD from late 2008 was the smallest video camera in the world - very compact with a scrolling wheel which made zooming in on objects in the distance very easy. Nothing like this camera on the market anymore. Putting poles into the ground - you can measure how deep snow is. You can put them ahead of yourself to test the ground - you do not know what lies under snow or what lies beneath. This is basic security and safety. Poles and sticks can give elderly people confidence - confidence to take a stride, take a step. Physical limits can take its toll on mental health.

Rumble video — Open source software and hi-tech mobility aids enrich quality of life - OpenShot video editor is free - works with Windows, Mac and Linux. Computer programmers putting time and effort into free open source software enriches quality of life, which enables better quality messages to be put around in video. This enables story telling, education - the mission of the BBC is to inform, educate and entertain. The ability to do research and disseminate good quality information is challenging - lack of technology innovation has led to misinformation. Marconi sent the first wireless signal in 1898 from BallyCastle in Northern Ireland to Rathlin island - that is over 100 years ago.

Need a new device consider Chromebook Pros and Cons - see Chromebooks intended for a world of cloud Internet, a more dangerous world of wildfires and flooding where data backed-up to the cloud can help individuals to retain digital assets in the face of real world threats in the physical environment. Chromebooks have potential, but being able to back-up content to local storage and USB external hard drives, port data and duplicate it also provides greater security. Telling others, publishing and sharing, can enable data to be sent back to someone years later when friends keep good photos of people looking at their best - this is how fond memories can live on. Fond memories live on in data. Data on a USB External drive could be easily retrieved by loved ones after someone has passed away. Online accounts often linked to a password for security. Trust between family members and people looking after each other can lead on to more positive, good memories to recall decades after events. Lives can be long - some are longer than others.

Copying Pages files to Dropbox on an iPad 8th generation 2 April 2022 — native Pages documents enable magnification of content on the small screen with Presenter mode. Having a mouse for an iPad enables you to be quite productive with an iPad and enable an iPad to pack a big punch in a small form factor with sophistication - an iPad is capable of being used like a computer with a wireless mouse used on the sofa easy enough. Files created natively with the Pages app on an iPad allow Presenter mode on the iPad - large easy to read text when you enable Presenter mode for your documents for reading back documents. From within the Pages app when a document is open click the three dots top right and scroll down to Presenter mode to read your documents in playback in large print. This is a handy feature for use on iPhones and on the small screen. Foldable phones show tremendous promise to enable better decisions and Galaxy Fold 3 comes with Flex Mode to enable video calls and note taking. Being able to fold out a phone into a tablet has potential to bring greater clarity to digital activities -

There is now advice from Computers and Integration on how to access your RBS bank account if you get your mobile phone stolen, lose it or misplace it and also how to change the mobile number linked to your RBS bank account without access to your mobile. We covered RBS since it is a popular bank in Scotland. RBS do provide basic digital banking services to customers without a mobile or card reader – universal banking is here but not very useful in a digital age of mobile lifestyles. For more info on this, see the News page.

The Computers and Integration website via the News page tells users how to create a bootable flash drive for installing Windows 11. Also, it tells users how to fit Windows 11 onto a bootable USB flash drive since the installation files are larger than a standard DVD. The Windows 11 main installation file, install.wim, is over the Fat32 file limit of 4GB so does not copy to flash drives without errors – you need to split the file. High-capacity mediums, Bluray, online storage as well as 4K is the future. Your computer system might not support the installation of Windows 11 – you might need to buy a new computer. Regardless of whether your current computer is capable of running Windows 11, knowing how to re-install Windows 11 can help you to manage IT nightmares such as viruses, ransomware and help you re-install Windows 11. The ability to do a fresh install can bring you greater computer security. This is the bottom line – investment in digital skills can keep you safe in a digital age and an online world of cybercrime and espionage. Lastly, the News page now as a Contents or menu making it easier for users to navigate to specific content. A contents makes the News page browseable.

Computers and Integration has historically produced a guide known as Caring for your computer. The 2017 version focused on helping users to comfortably use their computer, maintain their computer and stay safe online. Improvements have been made, the guide has been updated and made more easily accessible as online documentation via the News page – see Of course, Windows 11 has been released now – the guide does not cover Windows 11 yet, but with the new version of Windows, namely 11, users can run Android apps on Windows. So users will likely run into more problems, not less due to compatibility issues. There has never been a more pressing time to learn digital skills. Computers and Integration is very relevant in 2021.

There is now a page called "Life Skills" on the Computers and Integration website – see Some of the content is not new, but it has been updated. Also, if you click "Book an appointment with your doctor (or GP)" there is a link to a document that contains the address, contact including e-mail info for all GP surgeries in the NHS Grampian area. Most people can e-mail their doctor's surgery now. Also, near the top of the page there is information on Live Life Aberdeenshire The Digital Library where newspapers, magazines, music and ebooks are available for free in digital or electronic format.

We were keen to revive content from the website, which focused on learning, education, technology and life skills with the view to create online documentation. The "Life Skills" page now contains help to write a CV and look for work with links to 9 websites for individuals to search for jobs. Computers and Integration in the past could advise people on accessible information and this was a long held capability – we have thus devoted a page to "Information Accessibility" – see the Information Accessibility page. There is also a "Study Skills" page – we need to create and encourage young people to learn digital skills and move on up – better themselves – and do well at College and University in order to be able to confidently use digital technologies in the workplace. This website can be a great source of inspiration, information and learning powerhouse. New and fresh content will be added to the website going forward, but some past content merited being given a spotlight shone on it and greater public awareness and appreciation with the ability to navigate it and find it more easily.

The Computers and Integration website now has a page on "Information Security", which seeks to help individuals study issues relating to information and computer security, get to grips with the complexities involved and advance their knowledge, skills and training. Hackers often seek to compromise computer systems, but to counter hackers you need to learn and advance your knowledge of information and computer security. This web page has been created with good intentions with the aim to help individuals establish themselves in the field of information and computer security by providing numerous noteworthy websites to foster further study - for more on this, see the "Information Security" page.

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